What are they like?

Solar Water Heaters are composed of three basic parts:

  1. Vacuum Collector Tubes: Absorb the sun's energy and transfer it to the water.
  2. Thermal Storage Tank: Maintains supply of hot water.
  3. Stainless Steel Structures: Support and stabilize the equipment.

How do they work?

Solar Water Heaters function in a very straightforward and simple manner. Installation is normally done on the roof of the establishment. The tubes are oriented so that they are able to pull maximum energy from the suns rays.

How does the water circulate through the whole system?

Through an effect called "thermo siphoning" the system functions by a method of natural convection. Hot water is lighter than cold water and, therefore, tends to rise. This effect takes place in both the glass vacuum tubes and in the storage tank, resulting in a natural circulation of the hot and cold water.



  1. Inner glass tube
  2. Covering (aluminum nitrate)
  3. Vacuum
  4. Exterior glass tube
  5. Support
  6. Gas sprayer (barium)
  7. Absorption layer



How is the water kept hot?

The thermal tank, covered by a technologically advanced urethane stores the hot water for future use.

What uses does it have?

Hot water is necessary for a healthy existence. Used for personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitization, it has been a major player in the advancements in human health. Traditionally, hot water heaters are operated by gas, which has to be "delivered" to your home on a regular basis. By installing a solar water heater in your homes or places of business you will be provided with all the hot water you need to maintain a healthy, sanitary lifestyle, without the need to order additional services or deliveries.