Benefits of the electrical and solar water heaters

  Never run out of water
provides hot water instantaneously to supply of 1 to 5 points of use in simultaneous form, depending on the model and the climate. You do not have to store hot water in a holding tank, the LEYDEN unit only works when hot water is needed.

  Electronic Heating Control
The LEYDEN water heater is pre-set at a temperature of 115F by the factory. User May mix with cold water as needed while taking a shower.
  Energy saving
It is a Tank less instantaneous water heater, which requires less amount of energy, than needed in a conventional holding tank type, electric or gas heater, which must keep 60 gallons of hot water 24 hours a day, even though, hot water may only be needed for short periods of time. The LEYDEN water heater instead heats the water as it flows trough the unit, saving energy when is in a standby status.

  Safe And Ecological
The LEYDEN water heaters is ecological and explosion free, being electric, it allows the unit to be installed in places where gas heaters are prohibited.
  Space Savings
It is very compact and light weight unit, it may be installed practically anywhere. Physical dimensions: H=19 " W=12" T=5 ". Weight: 25 pounds.
  Stainless steel
The complete unit is made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long corrosion free life and excellent appearance. Ideal for beach housing and yacht.